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NH-250PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
250PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
250PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
250PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
250PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
250PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
250PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
250PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
250PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
250PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
250PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-401PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
401PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
401PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
401PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
401PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
401PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
401PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
401PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
401PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
401PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
401PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-402PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
402PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
402PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
402PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
402PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
402PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
402PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
402PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
402PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
402PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
402PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-403PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
403PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
403PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
403PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
403PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
403PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
403PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
403PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
403PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
403PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
403PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-405PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
405PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
405PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
405PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
405PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
405PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
405PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
405PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
405PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
405PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-505PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
505PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
505PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
505PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
505PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
505PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
505PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
505PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
505PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-507PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
507PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
507PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
507PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
507PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
507PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
507PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
507PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
507PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
507PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
507PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-657PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
657PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
657PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
657PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
657PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
657PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
657PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
657PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
657PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-6510PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
6510PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
6510PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.0(Curve)
6510PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
6510PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
6510PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
6510PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
6510PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
6510PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
6510PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
6510PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-6515PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
6515PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
6515PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
6515PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
6515PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
6515PW-C 50Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
6515PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
6515PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
6515PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
NH-6520PW-C Series Performance curves / Dimension
6520PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.2(Curve)
6520PW-C -without motor(Installation Drawing)
6520PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.5(Curve)
6520PW-C -with take motor(Installation Drawing)
6520PW-C 60Hz S.G 1.9(Curve)
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